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Showcase your company, expertise, product and/or service at #AI4B

There are plenty of ways to make this event a business opportunity for your company.

Why this event?

#AI4B is the first business event in Belgium fully dedicated to the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the way marketers and business professionals work today and tomorrow.

>250 marketers and business professionals will be present at the event and on the look out for inspiration, partners, services and products.

Don’t miss this chance to introduce you to your target group.




It’s a full day of insights and use cases of AI  for marketers and business professionals.

Starting at 9AM with 5 keynotes and cases.

Lunch and networking in the exhibition and showcase area.

The afternoon will consist of different practical tracks:


Best cases & practices

Start-ups, Scale-ups & upcoming talent

Two breaks in the afternoon will give you to opportunity to meet other prospects and partners.

The closing keynote will be around 5PM.

#AI4B will be closed with a network drink in the exhibition and showcase area.

Interested in becoming part of this event?

Become a partner or exhibitor at this event and join the following companies:
AI4B - Delaware partner logo
AI4B - Microsoft partner logo
AI4B - SAP partner logo
AI4B - Roularta Business Information partner logo
AI4B - Trends Tendances partner logo
AI4B - Datanews partner logo

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