Edition 2018

  • Great organization and venue. Content was very interesting, with the appropriated audience for such an event! Looking forward to coming next year!
    Julien Weber - Head of Sales @Wizata
  • I've picked up a lot of interesting concepts, visions & applications on AI4Business. It was a very informing event and I also got to know some relevant players with whom we are having follow-up meetings in the meantime.
    Sarah Facq - Growth marketer @Tengu
  • The AI 4 Business Summit was a well organised and informative meeting with lots of interesting speakers and an enthusiastic and eloquent host.
    Bert Groenewegen - Business Consultant @ Paragon Customer Communications
  • It was an exiting seminar, where I learned a lot of new things.
    Sandra Jansen - Senior Account Executive @ IPG Mediabrands

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Speakers 2018

Meet the #AI4B speakers of the 2018 edition.

Partners 2018

Meet the #AI4B partners of the 2018 edition.

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Attendees 2018

Meet some of the #AI4B attendees of the 2018 edition.

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